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Mandriva Linux 2006 RC1 is here!


Release notes:

283 fixed since 2006-0.3
14876 packages rebuilt (6291 i586, 4167 x86_64, 1592 noarch, 2826 ppc)
DrakX 1.1074 / Drakxtools 10.3-0.55mdk
don’t package drakvpn as it is unusable
Packaged installed
Don’t install gnome-alsa-mixer when detecting alsa, gstreamer-alsa is enough
Don’t crash when xorg-x11 is not available
Install “desktop-printing” only on sytems with installed gnome-panel, Discovery does not ship GNOME and also not desktop-printing.
Fixed endless loop when clicking “Back” in model selection, when by autodetection no model was found.
Do not set margins in CUPS when HPIJS is the driver, for this driver the margins are already well set.
Also match model name with added lower-case “hp” with HPLIP XML database.
When auto-detecting network printer models via SNMP, guessmanufacturer name from model name
Fixed printer list filtering in the main window, now one can also filter on the state field, and pressing after typing in the filter string does not cause the filter being lost when hitting the refresh button or doing some action.
Taken care that auto-refreshing does not happen when the refresh function is running.
Auto-refresh the list of remote printers in the main windows every 5 seconds.
Made reloading of parallel port kernel modules (for auto-detection) also working if “ppdev” module is loaded.
Let also network printers be found which do not answer to a broadcast ping (most newer HP). This is done only in class C and smaller networks, to not scan too many machines.
Check for CUPS daemon running without console output.
Fixed retrieval of parallel port base address.
Fixed parallel printer auto-detection and registered IEEE-1284 ID string for Mandriva hardware database.
Fixed USB IEEE-1284 ID string output.
Added recording of IEEE-1284 device ID string, for USB printers.
When having added one’s own PPD file now it gets pre-selected in the printer/driver list.
Fixed recognition of alredy set up queues for auto queue setup, for several Xerox Phaser printers the user was asked again and again to set up a print queue.
When setting up new queue with HPLIP old HPOJ config was not deleted during installation. Fixed.
Support for HPLIP URIs with “?device=…”, possible fix for bug #18041 and bug #18053.
authentication :
fix bug #18180,
allow Active Directory even on non corporate product (requested by our commercial team)
Change definition for Active Directory with SFU and Active Directory Winbind
Remove idmap ldap backend for winbind AD (obsolete, see Samba 3.0.20)
Remove default_tgs_enctypes, default_tkt_enctypes, permitted_enctypes from /etc/krb5.conf for winbind configuration, Buzgilla 15232
bootloader: handle “=” between keyword and value (esp. useful for reading conectiva’s menu.lst) (bug #18090)
set isUpgrade to conectiva when we found a conectiva release file, also look for conectiva-release
new functionality: upgrade_by_removing_pkgs, enabled when upgrading redhat and conectiva distributions
add file upgrade-map.conectiva.10 for precise choice of packages
Look&Feel: simpler and better code, allowing forcing scrolling to bottom
new advertising
nicer “Details” mode
do summaryBefore() only once (this will reduce damage caused in Bug #18277)
new “Image_using_pixmap” which is rendered using DITHER_MAX which is much better on 16bpp displays
Network: don’t translate strings here
configure wpa_supplicant correctly for shared or passwordless connections
wpa_supplicant may list some networks twice, handle it
rewrite drakroam to use wpa_supplicant
fix isdn config in manage interface use lower case ‘i’ in iwconfig/iwpriv/iwspy ( Bug #18031)
Drakroam: really allow to select the network
sm56 support allow to run perl code as post command
don’t display keyring icon if the wireless network doesn’t need a key
set SSID for rt2400/rt2500 cards using WPA with an iwpriv command ( Bug #18205)
enable Interactive firewall by default in high security levels and enable the psd rule

kernel 2.6.12-11mdk
assorted x86_64 fixes from current git tree:
fix 32-bit thread debugging
fix TASK_SIZE for compatibility mode processes
fix overflow in NUMA hash function setup
fix bug in csum_partial_copy_generic()
fix HPET for systems that don’t support legacy replacement
add support for more than 8 cores on AMD64 systems
tell VM about holes in nodes
avoid wasting IRQs

disksearch 1.1.0 Catalog and search tool for removable media
pxelinux 3.10 A PXE bootloader
klamav 0.22.1 KDE frontend for the Clam AntiVirus? virus scanner
rpmdrake 2.20 Mandriva Linux graphical front end for sofware installation/removal
zapping 0.9.6 A TV viewer for GNOME
bazaar 1.4.2 A distributed revision control system compatible with arch
gxine 0.4.7 GTK+ frontend for the Xine multimedia player
kdetv 0.8.8 Kdetv – KDE Video4Linux Stream Capture Viewer
poppler 0.4.1 PDF rendering library
evince 0.4.0 GNOME Document viewer
pygame 1.7.1 Python module for interfacing with the SDL multimedia library
streamtuned 0.16.2 Audio/Video stream player and recorder
aptitude 0.3.3 Curses-based apt frontend
penguintv 0.76 Media-rich RSS reader
openldap 2.3.6 LDAP servers and sample clients
gnome-photo-printer 0.6.5 Simple Photo Printer for Gnome
sympa 5.1.0 SYMPA is an electronic mailing list manager
dvgrab 1.8 DV grabber through the FireWire? interface
gtk+2.0 2.8.3 The GIMP ToolKit? (GTK+), a library for creating GUIs
sylpheed2 2.0.1 A GTK+2 based, lightweight, and fast e-mail client
ImageMagick? An X application for displaying and manipulating images
slune 1.0.9 A multiplayer 3D racing and car-crashing game in Python
warzone2100 0.2.2 Warzone 2100 Screenshot 3D realtime strategy on a future Earth
smb4k 0.6.3 A KDE SMB share browser
geos 2.1.4 GEOS (Geometry Engine, Open Source) topology library
msec 0.47.3 Security Level management for the Mandriva Linux distribution
drakpxelinux 1.2.0 PXE default file configurator
indexhtml 2006.0 Mandriva Linux html welcome page
ximian-connector 2.2.3 Exchange Connector for Evolution
eclipse 3.1.0 An open, extensible IDE
mandi 0.7.2 Monitoring daemon bridge 1 The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system)
synaptic 0.57.2 Graphical package management program using apt
gstreamer 0.8.11 GStreamer Streaming-media framework runtime
valgrind 3.0.1 Valgrind, an open-source memory debugger for x86-linux
openh323 1.15.6 OpenH323? Library
openssh 4.2p1 OpenSSH? free Secure Shell (SSH) implementation
gnomemeeting 1.2.2 Gnome H.323 compatible client
amarok 1.3.1 A powerful media player for Kde
gdm The GNOME Display Manager
kat 0.6.3 Desktop Search Engine for Linux

Download locations

Germany (Wolfenbuettel) (Berlin) (Wolfenbuettel) (Dresden)

Italy (Napoli)


Spain (Sevilla)


United States (Georgia) (Florida) (Tennessee) (Georgia)

Last modified: Thu Sep 15 03:30:52 2005

Testing & debuging

Beginning with the 10.0 development cycle, Mandriva has expanded the scope of testing beta releases. In addition to the traditional ‘Bugzilla’ system, beta-testers now have the opportunity to use ‘Testzilla’ to ensure that tests are performed consistently and accurately for main features.

Testzilla is a powerful new system for validating large-scale systems in a collaborative way over the Internet. It is designed to work in collaboration with Bugzilla and adds hardware coverage capabilities to the testing process.

Testzilla enables testers to:

Use pre-existing test procedures to detect bugs
Create new test procedures

Here’s how to get started testing and reporting bugs with Testzilla:

1) Open a Bugzilla account at

2) Select, then follow the test procedures available in the Testzilla section at

3) Report any bugs or say ‘OK’!

How to contribute new Testzilla procedures?

1) Read the Testzilla documentation at

2) Navigate through procedures at

3) Use existing procedures as a template for creating new ones

4) Submit the new procedure by sending an email to testzilla a t

Important note :

Testzilla should be seen as an initial step in formalizing the QA process in cooperation with the community, and in this particular case, to offer strict procedures to make major component validation possible. For in-depth tests that aren’t covered by Testzilla, Bugzilla continues to be available.

Happy testing!

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